S-DBC Substrates

We developed insulated circuit board used in IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transister) , which is used as a high power frequency conversion device such as a hybrid car, a fuel cell car, an electric vehicle, a Shinkansen, CS-DBC). In recent years, when SiC replaced Si for semiconductor, SiN for insulating ceramics, and 1mm thick copper for circuit are used. We offer ceramic/copper joints by diffusion bonding.

Features of our products

  • Improvement of thermal conductivity by absence of bonding layer
  • Strong adhesion
  • New construction method by proprietary development (S-DBC)
  • correspond to SiN · AlN · Al2O3

S-DBC method (Developed by FJ Composite)
S-DBC:Sputtering Diffusion Bonding Copper

Conventional method

S-DBC method

Diffusion Bonding

Joining strength evaluation of thermal diffusion bonding
(user evaluation result)

AMB (other company’s product) 98 N/4mm²
S-DBC (FJ Composite) 106 N/4mm² (destruction of ceramic base material)

Before testing (Cu / SiN / Cu specimen)

After testing (bond strength> ceramic strength)

Heat cycle test

① High temperature operation Reliability test (-45 to 150 ° C / cycle, dwell time 20 min, @ each Temp)
-45 ~ 150 ° / 2000 times Test passed (User evaluation)

② Observation result of DBC circuit board bonding state
-40 to 250 ° / 3000 times Test passed (AIST evaluation result)

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