AlON Coating

We provide a proprietary set of solutions based on aluminum nitride (AlN) alloys, used in production of premium UV-C LEDs, and for highly advanced thermal management applications.

Potential applications of AlON are:

  • High-temperature production of AlN materials for UV-C LEDs and other electronics applications such as 5G
  • Low-temperature Aluminum Oxynitride (AlON) coatings for thermal management
  • TO-Packages and lead-frame based power modules


Comparison of DBC vs. AlON

Properties of high-performance coatings on Cu and Al substrates:

  • Proprietary low-temperature coating process
  • Low thermal impedance (0.2 oC/W, 20 mm film)
  • Electrically insulating (130 V/mm)
  • Thin dielectric layer (5->20 mm)
  • AlON coating atomically adhered to the substrate metal
  • High resistance to thermal and mechanical cycling


  • 5-80x reduction in thermal impedance due to thin dielectric
  • More heat is transferred from the chip to the environment
Material Thickness (mm) Thermal Impedance(oC/W)* Improvement vs. Al2O3
NGI AlON 0.02 0.2 80x
CeramicAlN 0.63 3.2 5x
Al2O3 0.38 16 1